Course 1, Week 3: Connected Learning in My Personal Life

My daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up on March 20th.  I will use what I learned about being a researcher to help me with planning her birthday party.

  • Buy the Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix. Completed while we were home during Christmas break.
  • Find a birthday outfit for my daughter. (completed Feb. 10, 2020). I searched on Amazon for “1st birthday outfit girl” and found a onesie she will wear on her actual birthday to the Childcare Co-Op and an outfit for her birthday party.
  • Decide on a date for the party.  My daughter’s birthday is on Friday, March 20th so I decided to have her party the following day, Saturday, March 21st.
  • Decide who to invite, her friends and my friends.  My daughter and her nanny come with me to school twice a week, to the Childcare Co-Op at school (the co-op is for staff kids, ages 4 and under).  There are four staff kids that come regularly. I am inviting these four kids (and their parents) to my daughter’s birthday party.  There is another baby in the same building that we live in, another teacher’s daughter.  She is 3 weeks younger than my daughter. The two nannies, who know each other, get them together for playdates at least once a week, and they go for walks together too.  This baby is my daughter’s bestie. She (and her parents) are also invited to my daughter’s birthday party. In our building there are two girls (in Grade 1) who have befriended my daughter, thanks to their nannies knowing each other.  They have had playdates together on days when the students at my school have a day off. These two girls are also invited to the party. I wanted to keep the party small, but I also wanted to have some people there for me as well, my close friends.  I invited Holly Marshburn, one of my closest friends here in Moscow, as well as the other three teachers on my grade level.  I also invited my instructional assistant from last year (she is still on my grade level, but she is working with another teacher this year). *Because my daughter’s birthday is during the school year, not during a school break, and because we live far from home, my family won’t be able to be at my daughter’s birthday party.*
  • Make an invitation (completed February 28, 2020)
    1. Google search: “first birthday invitation template
    2. I clicked on first result, Greetings Island . This is a website with greeting card and invitation templates that you can edit and download (as an image and as a PDF).
    3. I perused all of the first birthday options and narrowed the options down to ones I liked:
    4. I chose the Safari Animals template because I liked that I could add a photo of my daughter, my daughter loves animals, and her bedroom theme is elephants.
    5. I customized the invitation with the correct information.
    6. I purchased the watermark-free version of the invitation.
      • I downloaded and printed PDF version to pass out invitations
      • I downloaded image of invitation and sent it to my family via the group chat we have going in a messaging app so that they would be able to see the invitation, even though they can’t be there for the party
  • Choose decorations – look online and in local craft store on March 9th
  • Check in with friends for their RSVP to get an accurate head count – to be done March 19th and March 20th
  • Bake cupcakes (to be done on March 20th) While I was searching YouTube for how to frost cupcakes without a piping bag, I came across the video below about how to get flat cake layers. Though I’ll be making cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday party, not a cake, this video will be a nice reference for future birthdays.
  • Put frosting on cupcakes and decorate living room – to be done on March 21st during my daughter’s naptime

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  1. Hi Erika,

    You put in a lot of thought and research into your new learning. It’s a good thing you started planning months ago so you were able to find the supplies and materials you wanted. It sounds like the nannies have a strong networking system and could probably teach us a thing or two about taking advantage of our network!


  2. What a lot of research that you have done in advance of your daughters first birthday. It sounds like you have thought of everything! I am sure it will be a great success. Have a great time!

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